Atilla the Hun: the crazed Hunnic barbarian who terrified Rome, lost to them at the Battle of Chalons, then terrified them more until his death!

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Atilla the Hun (407-453) led a barbaria horde to terrorized Rome. Atilla used Rome to get gold, but were latered used by the Romans as mercenaries, then eliminated the Burgundians. Atilla and the Huns later became 'land pirates' by terrorizing Rome for gold and booty. Rome got tired of it, so they went up against Atilla and around 500,000 barbarians at the Battle of Chalons (Atilla's only defeat). Atilla got revenge on the Romans shortly after that defeat. Attila died of an aneurysm after marrying again and heavy drinking. When Atilla was buried, he was in 3 caskets. When they got done burying him, the guys who buried him were killed so nobody would find Atilla and desecrate him.

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