Gaius Seutonius Paulinus: the Roamn general responsible to ending the wrath of Boudica and the Celtic rebellion at the Battle of Watling Street!

Gaius Seutonius Paulinus (d.o.b.-death unknown) was sent to annihilate the Celts, led bt their queen, Boudica. When Boudica's husband Prasutagus died, he split the territory between Boudica and the Roman Emperor Nero. According to Roman, women and girls were considered property, so the Romans went to seize the lands,. But when Boudica refused, she was flogged and her teen gaughters were raped. Boudica went nuts, wiping out Roman town after town. Finally, Paulinus was sent to fight them off at Watling Street. Knowing that the Romans were an established army as to where the Celts fought for individual prowess, Seutonius and the Romans pinned the Celtic men, women, and children up against their own wagon trail and slaughtered them. Boudica escaped and committed suicide.