Marcus Licinius Crassus: the Roman general who finally put an end to the gladiator revolt, then tried to conquer the Parthians at the Battle of Carrhae, but was killed!

Marcus Licinius Crassus (115-53 BC) defeated Spartacus and the gladiators at the Battle of the Siler River, crucifying 6,000 gladiators along a stretch of road in Italy. Crassus tried to gain popularity within Rome, so he then tried to conquer the Parthians, under their commander, Surena. In the battle, Crassus' son was killed, had his head put on a stake, and sent to Crassus. Then, Crassus agreed to meet with Surena, but a soldier of Crassus' felt it was a trap, which led to Crassus being killed.