Mehmed the Conqueror a.k.a. Sultan Mehmed II: the Ottoman Sultan who finally defeated Vlad the Impaler and conquering Wallachia, even fought a religious war versus Hungary!

Mehmed the Conqueror (March 30,1432-May 3,1481) Fought valiantly against Vlad the Impaler and the Wallachians to conquer Wallachia. After Vlad instigated the Night Attack, Mehmed sent troops to fight, only for them to be captured and impaled by Vlad. Mehmed sent two ambassadors to attempt to make peace with Vlad, but they disrespected Vlad by refusing to remove their turbans, so Vlad had them nailed to their heads and sent back to the Sultan. Mehmed was enraged, so he sent an envoy after Vlad, which included Vlad's brother Radu. Vlad was decapitated, and his head was sent to Mehmed to show that Vlad was finally dead. Mehmed II was believed to had been poisoned.