Pyrrhus of Epirus: the ruler of the Greek tribe theMollosians who terrorized both Rome and Carthage!

Pyrrhus of Epirus (319/318-272 BC) won the Battle of the Aoos River by attacking Antigonus II Gonatas, seizing the Macedonian throne. In 272 BC, Cleonymus, a Spartan of royal blood, who was hated by the Spartans, asked Pyhrrus to defeat the Spartans and put him into power, but was unsuccessful. Later on, Pyhrrus was brought into another battle, in which he was hit on the head by a tile thrown by an old lady, the beheaded while he was stunned. Antigonus II Gonatas honored Pyhrrus by having him cremated with honors. Upon hearing of Pyhrrus' death, the Tarintians surrendered to Rome.