Sun tzu
 Sun Tzu: the ancient Chinese warlord who wrote "The Art of War" in his victims' blood!

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Sun Tzu (544-496 BC) was the mastermind who created "The Art of War". Not much is known of Sun Tzu's early life, but he was an extraordinary military genius. The king of Wu, one of the Warring States in BC China, wanted Sun Tzu to prove he was capable of leading the army into battle, so the King tested by having Sun Tzu train the concubines. Much to the King's surprise, he did it. The 2 leading concubines thought it was all a joke, so Sun Tzu decapitated both of them to show the others that he was for real. Other military leaders have taken into consideration his Art of War into their victories, including Norman Schwartzkopf,Jr.,Oda Nobunaga,Mao Zedong,etc. His tactics were also credited for victories in Vietnam, as well as the eventual victory of the U.S. over Adolf Hitler in World War I in the 1940s.